Actor Who Hanged Himself Onstage Now Brain Dead

Raphael Schumacher bows out as an organ donor!

Actor Hanging in Lux Theatre

Experimental theater went tragically wrong at a performance in Pisa, Italy — as young actor Raphael Schumacher was lynched for real!

Now the 27-year-old rising star has been declared brain dead as doctors begin to harvest his organs.

Tragically, Raphael only had an audience of one as he delivered a monologue where he portrayed a suicidal teenager.

At the end of his performance on January 30, Raphael put his head in a noose to depict his character’s death.

A single audience member then came into the room to witness Raphael’s next performance — and found the actor, with his head covered in a hood, hanging from the noose with his body in tremors!

The person who discovered Raphael was a graduate of medical school, but her immediate attention still failed to revive Raphael.

He remained in a coma since being brought to the hospital. Authorities in Pisa are now investigating possible manslaughter charges against employees at the Lux Theatre.