Inner Snctm!

Hollywood Sex Club Secrets To Be Revealed!

A-list stars shudder over book by kinky hideaway’s owner.

Inset Of Bill Maher Wearing White Shirt, Blue and Black Plaid Suit looking Image Of Sex Club Worker, Inset Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow
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An explosive new book about Hollywood’s most notorious sex club has A-listers terrified that their kinkiest bedroom secrets will be exposed!

Damon Lawner, who has owned and operated the exclusive, X-rated sex palace Snctm since 2013, is shopping for a seven-figure book deal that will rip the covers off the perversions that go on behind its doors.

“A lot of stars are nervous about what Damon will reveal about them,” spilled an insider.

And from Damon’s perspective, they have every right to be!

“I am going to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth — as much as my lawyer and editor will allow me to say in print. It’s going to be an exciting read!” he promised.

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“It will reveal everything I saw and experienced.”

Sources told The National ENQUIRER that scores of celebs, including TV host Bill Maher, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her producer hubby, Brad Falchuk, visited the club, and members reportedly coughed up $75,000 a year to watch or participate in orgies at the sex den.

Gwyneth has even promoted the elite club on her hoity-toity Goop lifestyle blog!

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Every Snctm member is required to provide personal and professional profiles, plus revealing photos and details of their most intimate fantasies, snitches claimed.

Snctm’s home base is a high-security Tudor mansion in Los Angeles, but Damon, 48, has thrown hard-core masquerade balls and pool parties in New York, the Hamptons and Miami.

According to Damon, several stars have already asked to see his book “as soon as it’s completed” to make sure he doesn’t spill their raunchy secrets.

He recently sold the club and said he’s “passed the golden ring to a gentleman I’m contented to call its new owner.”

The insider added: “He’s going out with a bang that will be felt throughout Hollywood — and beyond!”