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Jacko mom Katherine to get custody of spawn. Baby maker Debbie Rowe gets to visit but no extra bread, attorneys for both parties said.

Bleary eyed Brad Pitt sans Angie whooped it up in ex-Nazi land Berlin for preem of  new Tarantino war flick Inglorious Basterds.  

Reports: Mel Gibson went Apocalypto on snapper who took pix of not-so-Melly Mel and prego GF Oksana.  The "vic" filed a battery report after Mel allegedly ripped the pap snap’s shirt. LAPD says not likely after investigating.

Joe Jackson confirms ENQUIRER exclusive report Omer Bhatti IS Jacko love child. "He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson," Whack Jack dad says.

Movie execs slam Rachelle Lefevre after she accused them of firing her from Twilight 3: Eclipse – insisting the star displayed "a lack of cooperative spirit" by signing "overlapping" film deal.

Wild childe Linday Lohan goes blonde……..again.

New ad campaign w/prego Gisele Bündchen in London Fog trench photoshopped to eliminate baby bump.

Jude Law love child on the way, rep confirms.

Mischa Barton
pals fear slippery slope slide again. "Mischa needs more aggressive treatment over a long period of time," a pal divulged.

AOL survey: folks "so over" Jon & Kate Plus 8 despite tab fever.  New eps beginning Monday will focus on family not dating tummy-tuck spawn or "star" reporters.

President Obama
holds beer summit with a black professor and the white police officer who arrested him. Bam knocks back brewskis with pair, revealing how beer, chips & chat can ease racial conflict and strife around the world.  Next: wine coolers with Kim Jong Il?