7.27 LATEST! updates



After wowing Comic Con, Robert Pattinson entertained Twilight costar Kristen Stewart in his limo back to LA for 3 (count’ em) hours! K-Stew did a Runaways special – ditching her limo to car-a-doodle-doo with Rob "Painted" Abdomen. 

<======= Lisa Rinna stretches in her bikini on the beach in Malibu. Hotcha!

Sex after Lifetime? LeAnn Rimes who just separated from hubby Dean Sheremet announced "It is inevitable that sometimes in a relationship, you will have your heart broken." Her  tele-novela alleged lover costar Eddie Cibrian was given heave-ho by his wife last week!

Billy Joel worn out from new gal pal? Piano Man KO’s 2nd concert with pal Elton John after Billy bedded "with flu-like symptoms".

When Connie Francis fan Chris Brown ("Who’s Sorry Now?") discovered ex Rihanna was ALSO checked into the Trump Tower in Manhattan, he took a powder – and split. Or did he re-register under another name in an attempt to rebuild that battered relationship?

Poppa of the year (and EVERY year) Michael Lohan‘s been dishing advice to new BFFJon Gosselin  but the Lohan Family clan rather he pay out six-months’ back child support wife Dina claims he owes. Mike says he don’t owe a cent. 

Jon Gosselin admits secret fear – Google! "I don’t want (my kids) Googling me and I have to explain (Hailey Glassman? Kate Major? The Octo-Mom?) and lose that trust between my children."  Try explaining how viral publicity can propel non-entities into media phenoms or just let them count their cut of the JK8 pie.  Wait – they aren’t getting any!

Mischa Barton
A-OK after release from a LA hospital claims rep.

Sources say J-Lo threw a hissy fit when guests showed late for 40th B-Day bash over the weekend.

Scientology’s once-shining second banana after Tom Cruise, John Travolta is said to be disenchanted with Thetan lovin’ cult when their out-of-this-world practices couldn’t help autistic son Jett.   Pity the poor monster man un kind Xenu.

LOTR elfin archer and P/T swashbuckler Orlando Bloom OUT of Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Blooomy nixed Numero 4 allegedly so he can spend more time with GF honey Miranda Kerr. He may have ALSO had enough of Johnny Depp‘s preening Cap’n Jack Sparrow’s antics.