DION bereft as long time pal Fred Milano and original member of Dion & The Belmonts, famed for “TeenAger in Love, passes at 72.

Fred, an original member of '50s pop group Dion and the Belmonts who rose to fame with hits like 'I Wonder Why' and 'A Teenager in Love,' died Sunday after a battle with lung cancer.

On his official Facebook page Dion Di Mucci  mourned his pal posting a pic of himself with Fred Januray 3rd.

"With everyone who loves the roots of Rock 'n' Roll, I'm mourning the loss of Freddie Milano,” Dion wrote.

"Fred played an important role in my younger life. He was a boyhood friend from the Bronx and one of the original members of Dion and the Belmonts. He was savvy with harmonies. We had our ups and downs through the years but that's how things go in families, even rock-and-roll families. I will always remain grateful for his contribution in 1958 & 59 — may he rest in peace and rock on in heaven."

 Milano was with the band — who took its name from Belmont Ave. in their Bronx neighborhood — from its infancy as second tenor along with lead singer DiMucci, baritone vocalist Carlo Mastrangelo and first tenor Angelo D'Aleo. The group were quickly signed to Laurie Records and rose the charts with such hits as "I Wonder Why," "No One Knows" and, of course, "Teen Ager In Love".