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Leo DiCaprio’s Bro Is Busted AGAIN!

Adam Farrar is arrested for sixth time in two years!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Brother Adam Farrar Is Busted AGAIN!

Titanic success Leonardo DiCaprio is collecting rave reviews for his role in Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, while his estranged stepbrother adds to his lengthy rap sheet, The National ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

According to jail records, the superstar’s troubled stepsibling, 48-year-old Adam Farrar, was most recently nabbed Jan. 19 in Van Nuys, Calif., on a citizen’s arrest. He was released on his own recognizance and is expected back in court.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Adam’s troubles — arrest reports show the former drug addict has landed in hot water with the law five times in the last two years!

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Court records reveal Adam has even served time for felony grand theft — for swiping a bike in Beverly Hills — and petty theft related to shoplifting incidents in La Verne and Glendale.

Insiders said Adam, who’s reportedly been sober since 2016, had been struggling to make ends meet with his partner, Charity — mother of his daughter, Normandie.

Leo’s dad, George, and Adam’s mother, Peggy, have been looking after Normandie since she was removed from her father’s care in 2014.

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Adam said he doesn’t blame Leo for his spiral into drugs and once claimed he hoped to mend their severed relationship.

“I just want him in my life,” he confessed in 2016. But family members said Adam cut off his relatives long ago.

“We don’t know how to reach him anymore,” his stepmother, Diane Farrar, told The National ENQUIRER.

“He stopped contacting us and we don’t know why.”