Julia Roberts Still Trashing Dead Sis!

Still smears her as drug addict, fiancé claims

Shocked Looking Julia Roberts, inset Sister Nancy Motes
Shutterstock; Coleman-Rayner

Heartless Julia Roberts has smeared her dead sister, Nancy Motes, by painting her as a drug addict!

That’s the claim of Nancy’s fiancé, John Dilbeck (below with Nancy), who was two months shy of marrying her when Nancy, 37, killed herself in 2014.

“I personally still hold Julia responsible for the death of my fiancée,” said John, 37. “When people ask me about Julia, I just tell the truth because I’m honoring the memory of my fiancée.”

Julia Roberts younger sister Nancy Motes with Fiancé John Dilbeck.

Glen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner

According to John, the Pretty Woman star has portrayed Nancy as a junkie.

“They make her out to be this drug addict when really we’re talking about weed. That’s what she had a record for in Georgia,” he said. “We’re not talking about heroin. It’s slander on someone who can’t defend themselves — and people should know what Julia did.”

John also claimed Julia, 52, ridiculed her sister about her weight, driving her into a depression that led to an early grave. He also charged that Julia’s last words to Nancy were: “I want you dead and gone. I’m drawing my knife in the sand!”

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Three months later, John found Nancy dead in the bathtub. She’d swallowed a fistful of prescription medications.

“When I finally met Julia, I was lying to myself that this person couldn’t possibly be that wretched or mean,” he said. “I believe she was jealous of Nancy’s close relationship with their mother, Betty [Lou Bredemus].”

Julia did not respond to The National ENQUIRER’s request for comment.