Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking Minors for Jeffrey Epstein

She faces 65 years in prison.

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Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty on five out of sex counts at her trial for sex trafficking minors in New York and now faces up to 65 years in prison.

The 12-person jury found Jeffrey Epstein’s former associate guilty on five federal charges all related to sex trafficking of minors for sexual abuse.

Leopard print shoe-wearing Assistant U.S. attorney Lara Pomerantz led her opening statement with the years-long “nightmare” an accuser using the name “Jane” claims she endured after she met

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine’s attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, opened with the line “Ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the Apple, women have been blamed for bad behavior of men.” The purple-haired defense attorney said Ghislaine was “filling an empty chair” for disgraced financier and sex offended Jeffrey Epstein as she questioned the memory of the four accusers in the trial and took aim at their lawyers who Bobbi said helped the women “reframe” stories for a “payday.”

The first accuser to take the stand, using the pseudonym “Jane,” says Epstein and Maxwell bought her “white cotton briefs” that you’d “wear when you were younger” from Victoria’s Secret. She said they would name drop people like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Mike Wallace and then one day, in his Palm Beach home, he took her to the pool house and masturbated on her. “I was frozen in fear,” said Jane as she added that he’s put vibrators on her vagina “even if I said that it hurt.”

Jane says Ghislaine would also touch her breasts. She added that often times she’d be hanging around the pool with people and all of a sudden Epstein would summon them into his massage roomand “it turned into this orgy.”

Ex-staffer, Juan Patricio Alessi, testified that he saw guests by their Palm Beach home’s pool and “hundreds of times” they were topeless. When he would find dildos, he would wash them and put them in Ghislaine’s porno-filled wicker basket that was the “size of a garbage can.”

 On the stand, he read through a 58-page household manual and said Ghislaine’s instructions were “degrading” and “unbelievable.” He added that Epstein would make him hide photos of Ghislaine when female guests came over. He called working for Epstein “slavery.”

Pilots who had worked for Epstein also took the stand. They claims they never saw any underage girls on his private jets.

The second accuser, using the name “Kate,” said she met Maxwell and Epstein when she was around 17 years old and kept in contact with them until she was in her 30s. Kate says Ghislaine would ask her if she had any friends that would come give Jeffrey a blow job because “it was a lot of work for her to do.”

Kate said she never did bring in other girls but did notice a lot of photos of young “unclothed” women in his Palm Beach home. She recalled Ghislaine giving her a school-girl-outfit to wearas she brought Epstein his tea by the pool.

The prosecution decided not to bring in the school girl outfit “Kate” claimed she was told to wear because they wanted to be “sensitive” to her feelings … instead they tried to bring it in with an FBI official but the judge denied it, saying it “does not excuse a lack of foundation” with the FBI witness because it isn’t linked up specifically with the FBI official.

The third accuser, Carolyn, said she started giving Jefferey Epstein massages around 14 years old. She said she gave him massages 2-3 times a week, totaling “more than 100 times.”

During cross examination she said she once saw a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell pregnant. She accuses Ghislaine Maxwell of touching her body and calling to make appointments. She adds that “money will never fix what that woman did to me.”

Annie Farmer said she met Ghislaine Maxwell in New Mexico, at Epstein’s ranch, and she took her shopping for boots and to a movie. During the trip Annie claims Maxwell massaged her upper breasts.

The accusers who took the stand say they have already been paid from Epstein’s victims fund and add that they have no financial stake in the outcome of the trial.

Photos revealed in the trial show Epstein and Ghislaine with Pope John Paul II and the duo relaxing at a cabin on Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral Estate in Scotland.