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Alex Pettyfer Blames Channing For Stalled Career

'Magic Mike' CO-stars clashed on the set of the 2012 film, according to insiders.

Movie Stills from MAGIC MIKE, Inset Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum Main Shot Alex Petyyfer and Channing Tatum in Magic Mike
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Movie hunk Alex Pettyfer’s stardom has stalled since 2012’s Magic Mike — and sources said he blames a feud with co-star Channing Tatum for holding him back!

Insiders said Alex, 29, and Channing, 39, clashed when Alex complained about getting paid less and Channing accused the British stud of being standoffish.

But sources said the situation escalated after Alex rented an apartment from Channing’s pal but moved without paying rent!

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Channing allegedly followed up with a furious email: “Don’t f–k with my friends!” Afterward, Alex was written out of 2015’s Magic Mike XXL.

The source said after butting heads with Channing, Alex’s hot career quickly cooled. Though he headlined The Last Witness in 2018, the movie barely earned $3,000 at the box office.

“Channing’s not out there actively trying to sabotage Alex’s career,” said an insider. “But he’s certainly not putting in a good word for him, either.”

Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum did not respond to our requests for comment.