Tabby Trumps!

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Politics makes for strange bedfellows – and even stranger Internet fads!

Thanks to a hot trend called “Trump Your Cat,” plenty of kitties are getting their fur fixed to resemble White House hopeful Donald Trump’s one-of-a-kind combover!

The feline fad began in Oakland, Calif., when 29-year-old “cat-tographer” Adam Myatt had some fun while pursuing his career as a cat portraitist.

“I saw how hilarious my girlfriend’s cat looked when she brushed its hair that way,” said Adam, who posted the photos online.

Soon the entire Internet was fired up over the awesome idea, with cat owners apprenticing to learn how to Trump their own cats!

To get the look, brush your cat, then shape the loose hair into a pile resembling The Donald’s ’do.

Now plop that beauty on your kitty’s head.

The stylish grooming isn’t just for cats. Dogs, rats, rabbits and even pigs have seen their locks swooped into a swell Trump tribute!

We can only imagine The Donald is unhappy that he didn’t cash in on this billion-dollar idea himself.

The business mogul may have his team busy designing tabby toupees, but these kitties have already styled their way to the top of The Odd List!