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Aspirin’s Deadly Side Effects Revealed

Increases risk of internal bleeding in the elderly!

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Seniors need to think twice about taking an aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke!

Results of a decade-long survey show 10 percent of patients over age 75 who previously had a stroke or heart attack — and were still taking aspirin — were rushed to the hospital for internal bleeding.

The results confirmed what scientists feared: Even one daily tablet of the common drug — which is frequently recommended to deal with heart issues — can put elderly users at an increased risk!

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“We have known for some time that aspirin increases the risk of bleeding for elderly patients,” saidIncreases risk of internal bleeding in the elderly! researcher Peter Rothwell. “But our new study gives us a much clearer understanding of the size of the increased risk of the severity and consequences of bleeds.”

The University of Oxford study concludes the danger of a seriously disabling or fatal bleed in seniors was more than 10 times higher than for younger patients.

The study advises people over age 75 taking aspirin to also take a drug known as a proton pump inhibitor, which helps lessen the deadly risks of bleeding.