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GARY GIORDANO, the suspect in the disappearance of ROBYN GARDNER is suing to get the $3.5 million life insurance policy payout he took out on the missing blonde beauty. Read More
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Despite the CDC’s denial of a zombie apocalypse, a shocking new violent cannibal attack seems to indicate end times are nigh – or mad men hopped up on bath salts are hungry – for human flesh! Read More
The shocking truth behind the MIAMI CANNIBAL ATTACKER who gnawed a homeless man’s face off while high on bath salts! Read More
ROBYN GARDNER’s mys­terious disappearance in Aruba may finally be solved with help from a woman who was busted having sex in a car with prime suspect GARY GIORDANO! Read More
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DEPRAVED sex offender stooped to a new low when he broke into a children’s hospital and stole video games used to entertain sick kids while they received cancer treatment! Read More