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In a twisted plot that played out like The Thomas Crown Affair, a pair of California businessmen, who were accused of stealing their own multimillion dollar fine art collection... Read More
Suds flowed as guests had no idea one corpse lay on the sunporch and another stuffed in a parked car stashed in the garage! The host, police say, was the killer. Read More
The stripper with an AK-47, bank robbing LEE GRACE DOUGHERTY, sentenced after cross country sibling crime spree with fugitive siblings. Read More
DATELINE: LIMA, Peru - A judge has set a hearing for May 8 for the U.S. request to extradite JORAN VAN DER SLOOT on an extortion rap in connection with the disappearance of NATALIE HOLLOWAY. Read More
NY cops collar CALVIN KLEIN’S former gay lover Nick Gruber with cocaine stashed in HIS Calvin Kleins on an assault rap for wailing on a guy named CALVIN. Read More
Reportedly, JORAN VAN DER SLOOT will be extradited to the U.S. regarding the NATALEE HOLLOWAY case. Read More
JENNIFER HUDSON’s broke down in tears as she faced WILLIAM BALFOUR the man accused of killing her family. Read More
THE wife of a NAVY doctor found incriminating e-mails he was having an affair and then viciously murdered him, stabbing him 11 times with a foot long knife! Read More
Coldhearted Robin Kalinowski murdered her hus­band after he learned she was having an affair – then tried to hire a hit man to kill her lover so he couldn’t testify against her! Read More
Law enforcement authorities accuse JUSTIN BIEBER impersonator of sexually abusing and threatening a New Jersey preteen aged 12 as cops stage a sting op. Read More