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NEW DETAILS: Berlin cops collar gay porn star LUKA ROCCO MAGNOTTA after an international manhunt for the psycho cannibal killer. Read More
DEPRAVED sex offender stooped to a new low when he broke into a children’s hospital and stole video games used to entertain sick kids while they received cancer treatment! Read More
GARY GIORDANO, the prime suspect in the Aruba disappearance of ROBYN GARDNER, has been arrested for “sexual activity” in broad daylight! Read More
D’oh! Pretty dumb idea for Michael Baker to steal gas from the tank of a police car and then OUT himself on Facebook! Read More
Surveillance tape and grim evidence imagery released in the case of GEORGE ZIMMER MAN accused of shooting TRAYVON MARTIN, 17. SEE VIDEO Read More
New evidence suggests the taunting menace of the ZODIAC KILLER may still be at large! Read More
Grim discovery as a newlywed bride discovered stabbed to death in a bathtub mere days after getting wed. Read More
JENNIFER HUDSON’s ex-brother-in-law William Balfour found guilty of murdering her mother, brother and 7 year old nephew. Read More
Exonerated murder mom CASEY ANTHONY’s ex-defender JOSE BAEZ fends off controversy saying she won’t get a dime from HIS book about her case. Read More
LATEST! Authorities cornered ADAM MAYES BUT he quickly pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head. The two kidnapped girls were rescued! VIDEO Read More