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IN a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER can reveal that O.J. SIMPSON was viciously attacked in prison by two crazed, knife-wielding skinheads . . . Read More
While JODIA ARIAS is bombarded on the witness stand in her life or death trial, her pal is confident she’ll walk and is hoping for a mistrial. Read More
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After prosecutors rip her testimony to shreds JODI ARIAS is back on the stand, regurgitating the same old story. VIDEO Read More
DREW PETERSON cries like a baby as cops charging him with murder of 4th wife, STACY, as investigators probe multiple murders that may reveal Drew as a brazen serial killer. Read More
Accused killer JODI ARIAS so certain she’ll walk free – she’s already lined up a sperm donor, The ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
Olympic gold medalist, WNBA All-Star CHAMIQUE HOLDSCLAW is indicted in Atlanta for a shooting involving her ex-girlfriend. Read More
Dramatic new evidence in the unsolved murder of SOFIA VERGARA’s beloved older brother has been un­covered by a private investigator in Colom­bia, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Read More
IN a blockbuster world ex­clusive, The ENQUIRER can reveal that police believe “Blade Runner” OSCAR PISTORIUS killed his stunning girlfriend in a fit of rage after she told him she was pregnant! Read More
Ex-cop DREW PETERSON gets 38 years in prison for the 2004 drowning death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Read More