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The FBI and a criminal investigative division of the United States Postal Service are looking into the possible existence of a pedophile ring that involved JERRY SANDUSKY sharing boys with other men connected to Penn State. Read More
A witness in the DREW PETERSON bombshell murder trial's damning testimony. Read More
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Law enforcement sources have identified the shooter behind the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre as a former GI who is reportedly a “white supremacist skinhead”. Read More
Crazed killer JARED LOUGHNER expected to plead guilty in slay spree that left 6 dead, 13 injured including Congresswoman GABRIELLE GIFFORDS. Read More
A SECRET accomplice helped psycho “Batman” KILLER James Eagan Holmes carry out the horrific massacre at a Colorado movie theater, say crime experts who fear his co-conspirator is still at large! Read More
ACCUSED wife mur­derer DREW PETERSON is on the hunt – for a fifth missus! Read More
HOW accused Dark Knight shooter JAMES HOLMES went from science nerd to monster! The kinky sex and drug binges! The rage fueled murderous obsessions and MORE! Read More
Aurora shooter Holmes secretly plotted to murder CHRISTIAN BALE and ANNE HATHAWAY at the Gotham premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, The ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
Authorities charge “family friendly” Florida puppeteer RONALD BROWN with child pornography, kidnapping conspiracy -- with murder and cannibalism in mind. Read More