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A woman was stabbed 40 times, including in the heart, and miraculously survived, police sources tell The ENQUIRER. Read More
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Aurora Bat-Fiend shooter JAMES HOLMES grows beard, prays to Allah five times a day and believes he was on his own personal Jihad of death. Read More
Defense psychologist startling bombshell in grisly murder trial of JODI ARIAS who is accused to butchering and then shooting her former lover Travis Alexander. VIDEO Read More
Investigator reveals Sandy Hook killer ADAM LANZA’s chilling spreadsheet – 7 feet long and 4 feet wide – that detailed Lanza’s research about mass murder and how to accomplish the nauseatingly gruesome feat. Read More
In just 62 seconds JODI ARIAS was attacked by her Mormon lover, ran and got a knife, stabbed him to death 29 times, slit his throat from ear to ear and THEN shot him in the head?! Read More
REEVA STEENKAMP, the model who was gunned down by OSCAR PISTORIUS, met with her ex-lover just two days before she was slain. Read More