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The jury deliberating the fate of JODI ARIAS have reached a verdict - GUILTY of first degree murder. Read More
Suspects await arraignment as AMANDA BERRY, who escaped the sex dungeon of a suburban house of horrors in Cleveland told her family, she’s “glad to be back”. Read More
TIM LAMBESIS, lead singer for heavy metal Christian band As I Lay Dying accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife. Too bad the paid killer was an undercover cop! Read More
While the jury deliberates her fate, Twittering JODI ARIAS admits suicide versus accepting a plea deal and then goes on the attack! Read More
Before he un­leashed hell at the Boston Marathon, dead bomber TAMERLAN TSARNAEV hid his evil side by striking a lovey-dovey pose with his young American girlfriend! And NOW she's TALKING... Read More
INSIDE Accused Boston bomber DZHOKHAR TSARANAEV’s creepy lust for MISS USA! Read More
JODI ARIAS ‘ description of events the night she killed TRAVIS ALEXANDER don’t make sense because the layout of the murder scene house in reality much different. Read More
BOSTON bomber DZHOKHAR “Jahar” TSARNAEV was hid­ing more from his friends and college classmates than a desire to kill innocent Amer­icans. He was a major pothead with an addiction to pornography. Read More
NEW DETAILS! Law enforcement have 3 more suspects in custody in the Boston terror attack. 3 are NOW ID-ed to media. Read More
LATEST! After female DNA is found on Boston bomb fragment, law enforcement wants to know: What is bomber widow KATHERINE RUSSELL TAMERLAN hiding?! VIDEO Read More