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Olympic gold medalist, WNBA All-Star CHAMIQUE HOLDSCLAW is indicted in Atlanta for a shooting involving her ex-girlfriend. Read More
Dramatic new evidence in the unsolved murder of SOFIA VERGARA’s beloved older brother has been un­covered by a private investigator in Colom­bia, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Read More
IN a blockbuster world ex­clusive, The ENQUIRER can reveal that police believe “Blade Runner” OSCAR PISTORIUS killed his stunning girlfriend in a fit of rage after she told him she was pregnant! Read More
Ex-cop DREW PETERSON gets 38 years in prison for the 2004 drowning death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Read More
Not surprisingly, JODI ARIAS could remember every KINKY detail about everything else but couldn’t remember any of the key details of shooting her Mormon lover in the face, stabbing him 27 and finally slitting his throat. SEE VIDEO Read More
LATEST! JODI ARIAS describes for stunned jurors a blow-by-blow account of how she killed her lover Travis Alexander. GRAPHIC WARNING Read More
EXPLICIT TESTIMONY WARNING! JODI ARIAS takes stand for 8th day of lurid testimony in bid to prove “innocence” in brutal slaying of Mormon lover. VIDEO Read More
Pal: JODI ARIAS was sexually addicted to man she is accused of brutally slaughtering . AND worse -- far worse. Read More
New probe into ADAM LANZA Newtown kill spree has police investigating he may have been copying a video game shot for shot in his rampage of terror. Read More
Eight men pulled off a heist of $50 million in diamonds from a Switzerland-bound aircraft stationed at Brussels’ international airport, authorities said. Read More