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A body smoldering in a charred cabin in Bear Lake, California is believed to be fugitive cop killer CHRISTOPHER DORNER, as an ENQUIRER special report probes his celeb-strewn murder manifesto! Read More
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Day 3 of JODI ARIAS' testimony in her bombshell murder trial, stunned jurors with even MORE lurid and seamy details of her sex life with her Mormon lover she is accused of viciously slaughtering. VIDEO Read More
BALI HELL! "Cocaine Granny" convicted drug smuggler LINDSAY JUNE SANDIFORD may be executed within weeks with no hope of appeal. Read More
On the witness stand, JODI ARIAS describes steamy sex with devout Mormon lover she is accused of killing. Read More
CHARLES MANSON responsible for even MORE murders than law enforcement knows about?! Read More
Canine crime fighter may have unearthed some answers in the mystery of The BLACK DAHLIA murder which has baffled cops and the FBI for nearly 70 years. WARNING! CRIME SCENE PHOTO Read More
Accused killer JODI ARIAS took the stand in her bombshell death penalty trial, admitting she killed her lover Travis Alexander. Read More
The FBI have raided an underground bunker in Alabama, saving the 5 year old child held hostage. The abductor Jimmy Lee Dykes is dead. Read More