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Strangled ex-wife floats in ocean after being tossed off cruise ship- -cops. Read More
Ariel Castro, the fiend who held 3 women hostage in his Cleveland house of horrors, has committed suicide behind bars. Read More
Man charged with stealing his father’s corpse from a cemetery hoping to bring him back to life has plead guilty. Read More
Ex Homicide detective says the killer in the nation’s coldest case, The 1947 Black Dahlia murder, was his own father. Read More
Pistol-packin’ senior, 72, BLASTS back at home invasion punk! Read More
Secret Service busts two Florida cyber-criminals for stealing the identities of KRIS JENNER, KIM KARDASHIAN, ASHTON KUTCHER and others. See LEGAL DOCS Read More
After getting 35 years in the slammer for leaking classified docs, PFC. BRADLEY MANNING pleads for sex change op. VIDEO Read More
Federal prosecutors want hours of unaired footage of TERESA & JOE GIUDICE in their bombshell fraud trial. Read More
On what would have been murdered REEVA STEENKAMP’s 30th birthday, a teary OSCASR PISTORIOUS was formally indicted for her murder. Read More
Darlene Flynn, who held the Guinness record for owning the most shoes in the world, was found battered to death in her swimming pool – and her young ex-boyfriend was arrested for murder. Read More