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Disgraced pol and john-at-large Client #9 aka ELIOT SPITZER’s favorite madam and electoral rival KRISTIN DAVIS arrested for selling prescription painkillers, say feds. Read More
A store manager talking to a TV reporter about a rash of thefts at his market nabbed a shoplifter – while TV cameras were rolling! See VIDEO Read More
Cops say they arrested the man who allegedly killed the potential witness in the WHITEY BULGER trial. Cause of death? Poisoned ice coffee. Read More
ARIEL CASTRO, the fiend who kept 3 women captive in his sick House of Horrors, received a life sentence -- PLUS 1,000 years for his heinous crimes. VIDEO Read More
LATEST! TERESEA & JOE GIUDICE appear in court to answer 39 count federal indictment charging them with bank fraud & income tax evasion. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Read More
FBI raids child sex slave ring, rescuing more than 100 missing teens in 76 cities. FBI RAW VIDEO Read More
After a cast party a teen actress was found in her bed strangled. VIDEO Read More
Cops accuse Oklahoma man of keeping his girlfriend captive and torturing her with an electric drill when she refused to buy him ingredients for making meth. VIDEO Read More
Eerie killer spouts traditional verse as cops hunt suspected slayer of elderly. Read More
Michigan cops have found the body of BREENA MACHUS, 20, who was abducted from a discount store found near Detroit. VIDEO Read More