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SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: EVIL pervert ARIEL CASTRO’s reign of terror began years before he kidnapped, starved, beat and raped three young women in his ramshackle house of horrors! Read More
Surviving Boston bomb suspect DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV, 19, able to speak, calls Russkie mom – report. Read More
AFTER a psycho ex-con brutally stabbed his wife to death with a knife, he walked into a Burger King – and calmly ordered a double cheeseburger, say authori­ties. Read More
HEARTLESS grandma Janet Strickland allegedly enlisted her teenage grandson in a heinous plot to kill her hus­band – the kid’s 72-year-old grandpa! Read More
As Feds closed in on Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev he reportedly scrawled “F**** America" on the side panel of his boat hideout. Read More
JODI ARIAS’ ex BF tells THE ENQUIRER what he couldn’t tell the jury in a revealing explosive ENQUIRER interview! Read More
THE Boston Marathon bomb­ers who slaughtered three innocent people and wound­ed 260 more were ORDERED to do it – by their mother! Read More
Former pageant beauty queen PEGGY SUE THOMAS lured pal’s hubby to cold blooded killing. Read More
"House of Horrors" sole kidnapping and rape suspect ARIEL CASTRO charged in Cleveland. Read More
The jury deliberating the fate of JODI ARIAS have reached a verdict - GUILTY of first degree murder. Read More