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The dealer who allegedly dealt drugs to TAUTM O’NEAL and John McEnroe son has had his charges reduced after lab reveals the “cocaine” was really baking soda. Read More
Cops -- Marysville Washington gunman Jaylen Fryberg sent twisted text messages to his five victims, asking them to join him before shooting them in cold blood. Read More
If she’s slapped with the death penalty, Jodi Arias is counting on the public to pay for her appeals, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Read More
O .J. Simpson may have confessed to the killings, but he could still take a secret to the grave – where he’s hidden the murder knife and the bloody shoes! Read More
Tragic ending for family of missing UAV student HANNAH GRAHAM as corpse ID confirmed. Read More
Man sentenced after texting probation officer looking to score marijuana. Read More
While convicted killer JODI ARIAS Arias fights to avoid the death penalty for butchering her ex-boyfriend, she’s snagged a new man from her jail cell, The ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
The corpse of missing pregnant woman has been recovered after cops were led to a shallow grave by her boyfriend. Read More
Blade Runner Oscar Pistorious sentenced to 5 years behind bars for killing GF. Read More
JORAN van der Sloot, who became a daddy while behind prison bars, will never meet his daughter – if his Peruvian jailer continues to get his way, the killer’s wife tells ALL in an exclusive interview. Read More