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AN insane obsession with the TV spy show “Burn Notice” led wannabe actor Derek Medina to allegedly gun down his beautiful young wife and post a shocking, headline-making photo of her bullet-riddled body on Facebook, sources told The ENQUIRER. Read More
How “teammates” in terror, the brave kidnap victims who escaped Ariel Castro’s Cleveland House of Horrors, are bouncing back. Read More
San Diego County Sheriff's officials say James Lee DiMaggio, suspected of abducting 16 year- old HANNAH ANDERSON, has been killed in Idaho and the teen has been found safe. VIDEO UPDATEs Read More
NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! Mass-murder mastermind CHARLES MANSON was set on fire by vicious prisoner, who boasted he’d kill the “Helter Skelter” madman! Read More
Famed King Coroner DR. THOMAS A. NOGUCHI looks at the many unanswered questions surrounding the death of MARILYN MONROE. Read More
The man charged with trying to blackmail PAULA DEEN is ready to plead “guilty” in exchange for a lighter sentence before a federal judge. Read More
Dallas police have charged that a woman was too distracted with Facebook after a 3-year-old girl she was watching drowned in a pool. Read More
Disgraced pol and john-at-large Client #9 aka ELIOT SPITZER’s favorite madam and electoral rival KRISTIN DAVIS arrested for selling prescription painkillers, say feds. Read More
A store manager talking to a TV reporter about a rash of thefts at his market nabbed a shoplifter – while TV cameras were rolling! See VIDEO Read More
Cops say they arrested the man who allegedly killed the potential witness in the WHITEY BULGER trial. Cause of death? Poisoned ice coffee. Read More