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A contestant on “America’s Top Model” has been found shot to death with two others in a North Carolina home. Read More
A jury has rendered a guilty verdict in the death of ‘American Sniper’ author Navy SEAL CHRIS KYLE and his pal at a shooting range. Read More
A dope-dealing doc has the blood of at least five fatal overdoses on his hands after pumping hundreds of patients full of painkillers, federal prosecutors claimed to The National ENQUIRER. Read More
Killer cop Drew Peterson – already imprisoned for murdering one of his exes – is close to finally being charged with the murder of his wife Read More
A retired NY detective says the suspect’s confession in the cold case disappearance of six-year-old ETAN PATZ nearly 40 years ago is a lot of hooey. Read More
CHARLES MANSON wedding license due to expire with no wedding in sight! Read More
A former bikini babe transformed into a burka-clad jihadist terrorist – and is now a worldwide fugitive with an eye on making mayhem in America! Read More
Georgia officials remain baffled by the suicide of a young woman who shot herself with a gun owned by her sheriff’s deputy boyfriend after they had sex. Read More
Born to run as ‘bad news teens' evade cops in 5 state manhunt! Read More
A shrink for the New York Police Department has been slapped with attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to “downsize” her family by killing her husband! Read More