‘WALKING DEAD’ fan addict murdered cheating wife after posting macabre photo online but now he’s headed to DAMNATION.

JEFFERY TREVINO is such a huge “Walk­ing Dead” fan that he posted a Facebook photo with his face superimposed on a cop’s body standing with a female zombie and joked: “Me and the wife out for a walk in the park.”

But the devotee of the hit AMC horror series isn’t laughing anymore! Trevino’s wife Kira really is dead – and he’s headed to prison for her murder.

Authorities say the 39-year-old construction worker killed Kira, 30, in a jealous rage after discovering she was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

“She had been cheating on him. That’s a powerful motive,” Assistant Ramsey County (Minn.) District Attorney Richard Dusterhoft told jurors at Trevino’s trial.

The couple’s three-year marriage was already shaky in early 2013, when Kira be­gan seeing a co-worker she met through her job at the Mall of America in Bloom­ington, Minn.

Cops say Kira was last seen alive on Feb. 21 when she and Trevino had dinner and went bowling at the mall.

But Kira sent several text messages to her lover during the evening, infuriating her hus­band. Authorities believe Trevino killed Kira when they got home and then used her car to dump her body in the Mississippi River.

He didn’t report her missing for three days, and hundreds of volunteers braved bit­ter winter weather to search the woods and lakes around the cou­ple’s home in St. Paul.

Trevino told police his wife was having a midlife crisis and often disappeared for days. But just five days after Kira vanished, cops arrested the creep and charged him with murder.

When cops searched his home, they found a large section of the bedroom car­pet had suspiciously been cut out. And traces of blood were everywhere – on the bed, box spring and mat­tress, a wall, the floor, a closet door and a bookshelf in the master bedroom. There were also large amounts of blood in the living room, hallway, bathroom, the stairs lead­ing down to the basement laundry room and the trunk of Kira’s car – all this despite apparent efforts by Trevino to clean up the evidence. In­vestigators found a basket of freshly washed towels, a mop, a spray bottle of bleach and a carpet cleaning machine bearing more traces of blood.

On March 16, a bloody pil­lowcase, a pillow, a T-shirt, Kira’s sports bra and a bath sponge were found in a bag in a lake near Trevino’s home.

Her beaten and badly de­composed body finally turned up in the Mississippi on May 8, and Trevino was found guilty of second-degree murder on Oct. 3. He now faces 20 years behind bars.

“I believe Kira would be very happy that he was found guilty,” said her grieving mother Marcie Steger. “Un­fortunately, she’s not here. But at least he’s not walking around.”