DINO GUGLIELMELLI had everything going for him – a beautiful young wife, two lovely daughters and a multimillion-dollar company.

But now the wealthy businessman is facing the possibility of life behind bars after being accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his wife.

Authorities say Dino, 52, was furious when wife Monica, 32, decided to revive her modeling career by posing for a series of racy underwear photos.

“He became insanely jealous,” a police source told The ENQUIRER. “He couldn’t stand the thought that men were ogling his sexy young wife in men’s magazines.”

Dino founded the health supplements company Creation’s Garden in 1993, growing it into a highly successful international business with 300 employees and annual sales of $50 million.

Its products, including skincare, hair care, organic supplements, powdered drinks and energy shots, were sold at retailers like Target, Sam’s Club, Walgreens and T.J. Maxx.

In 2003, Dino married Monica Andreny (Olsen), a catwalk model who worked for fashion designers in New York and Milan and graced billboards in Times Square. She also appeared in a 2002 movie called “The Hot Chick” with Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams.

Monica gave up modeling after she and Dino married. The couple settled in Santa Clarita, Calif., and had two daughters.

By 2010, Monica wanted back in the modeling business. Despite Dino’s insistence that she stay home to care for their kids, Monica went ahead with her plans and posed for photos in sexy lingerie.

“When Dino saw the photos, he hit the roof,” said the police source. “He went crazy.”

By 2013, the two were in the midst of a nasty divorce. Rather than part with any of his money, cops say Dino decided he’d be better off if Monica were dead.

According to authorities, he turned to a friend, Army veteran Richard Fuhrmann, to handle Monica’s murder. Over a meal of mint chicken and noodles at a restaurant on Oct. 1, Fuhrmann claims he was offered $80,000 to “get rid of ” her.

“He wanted specifically to know if I knew any way to have her killed,” said Fuhrmann.

But Fuhrmann had already alerted Monica’s attorney about Dino’s deadly plan, and police had outfitted him with a wire for his lunch date with Dino.

On the tape, cops say Dino can be heard asking: “There’s no way to track it back to me?”

Two days later, on Oct. 3, Dino was arrested on solicitation to commit murder and attempted murder charges, which could send him to jail for life if he’s convicted. His trial was scheduled to begin May 1.

Cops say Monica was shocked when she learned about Dino’s plans for her.

“She was stunned, absolutely stunned,” the police source added. “She couldn’t believe it.”