ACCUSED wife mur­derer DREW PETERSON is on the hunt – for a fifth missus!

Despite the fact that the smug former cop is on trial for murdering his third wife and a suspect in his fourth wife’s disappearance, female fans are showering him with love letters, and he’s hoping one of them will be his next spouse, sources say.

“Drew IS convinced that he is going to beat the rap in his murder trial,” a source close to him told The ENQUIRER.

“He plans to get out of jail in the next few months and search for a new wife by hooking up with some of the women who have been writ­ing to him.”

The volume of love letters increased dramatically af­ter hunky Hollywood actor Rob Lowe played the former Bolingbrook, Ill., police ser­geant in the Lifetime movie, “Drew Peterson: Untouch­able,” that aired in January, said the source.

“Drew is more than amused with all the letters from ador­ing women,” said the source. “He’s even gotten marriage proposals, and he’s been busy screening the letter-writers, looking for the right woman to share his life with after he goes free.”

Peterson, 58, is charged with the 2004 drowning of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Her death was deemed accidental until his fourth wife, Stacy, suspi­ciously disappeared in 2007.

After that, Savio’s body was exhumed. New tests con­cluded she died by drowning after a struggle, and Pe­terson was ar­rested. He’s been behind bars since May 2009.

He also remains the sole suspect in Stacy’s disappearance but has never been charged.

Peterson, who has six children ages 7 to 34, was engaged to waitress Chris­tina Raines, 27, in December 2008. They later split amid speculation that the engage­ment was a publicity stunt.

The source concluded: “Any woman who would marry Drew Peterson would have to be OUT of her mind!”