TRAYVON MARTIN's girlfriend has been formally interviewed by prosecutors in connection with the shooting death of the unarmed 17 year old.

Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, who claimed self defense, as he was walking through a gated community, carrying candy and iced tea.

Trayvon’s girlfriend, a minor so her identity remains sealed, was interviewed at an undisclosed location for more than two and a half hours.

"Trayvon's girlfriend was interviewed by the two district attorneys that Special Prosecutor Angela Corey appointed to the case," a source told

"She was interviewed last week and her mother was present throughout. She was very forthcoming and had pertinent information to the investigation because she was the last person that talked to Trayvon before George Zimmerman shot and killed him. It was extremely emotional for her and her mother wanted to make sure it wasn't too much for her. She would be a very compelling witness for the state of Florida if criminal charges are filed against George Zimmmerman."

As The ENQUIRER previously reported the day following Trayvon’s wake, his girlfriend was so emotionally distraught upon learning she was the last person who talked to him that she had to be taken to the hospital.

The Florida State Attorney's Office has issued a subpoena for Trayvon's girlfriend to appear in front of the grand jury when it's impaneled on April 10.

"From Trayvon's girlfriend's meeting with prosecutors she got the impression that she might not be called to testify before the grand jury because Zimmerman might be arrested and charged before then. If she is needed to testify in front of the grand jury though she absolutely will," the insider said.