The recent reports in international media outlets linking Amanda Knox to an allged cocaine ring was ancient history to National ENQUIRER readers!

The “scoop” that appeared in the Italian newspaper “Giallo” comes three YEARS after our exclusive blew the lid off Knox’s cocaine connection.

We first reported the drug scandal in October 2011, and in our July 9 issue we broke new ground with a report about Knox’s links to local cocaine dealers in the days surrounding the November 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher. Knox herself has said, “Around our house,
marijuana was as common as pasta.”

Now, with the appeal process and potential extradition looming, that admission and her alleged connections to harder drugs threaten to put Knox behind bars for the rest of her life!

Knox faces 28 years in Italian prison, but has sworn to never return to Italy – declaring she’d fight extradition if the guilty verdict is sustained in the next appeal.

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