Pint-size homeowner pimp slaps gun-toting thugs and gives them a fistful of JUSTICE!

WHEN two thugs invaded Ghulam Khan­lodhy’s home and pointed a gun at his wife’s head, the gutsy businessman turned into a superhero.

Not only did he wrestle the gun away, he shot one of the intruders and held him for police while the other frantically fled.

“He saved my life,” said Ghulam’s wife Zarinie, 52. “I know I would be dead right now if not for him.”

The frightening incident unfolded at 2:55 a.m. on Sept. 25. The Khanlodhy family – Ghulam, Zarinie, his step­daughter Amrita, 30, and stepson Mahadeo, 26 – were all asleep in their Queens, N.Y., home.

“The cops said these two guys got in through a side door,” Amrita told The ENQUIRER.

“They had ski masks on and went right into my mother and step­father’s bedroom.

“One of them had a gun and was standing over my mother when she woke up and started screaming. He put his hand over her mouth and the gun to her head.

“My stepfather woke up. They told him to give them all his money. He said, ‘OK, OK.’”

But Zarinie kept screaming, prompting the gunman to chamber a round.

“I told her ‘STOP, THEY’RE GOING TO KILL US, but she kept screaming,’” Ghulam recalled.

In an attempt to quiet Zarinie, the gunman went to give his weapon to his partner so he could put both hands over her mouth.

And in that split second, Ghulam took action.

“It was dark, pitch dark,” said Amrita.

“The guy was passing the gun and my stepfather grabbed it. The other guy started struggling with him to get the gun back and it went off. The bullet went into the floor.”

Although a lot smaller than the two thugs, Ghulam managed to wrest away the gun and turn the tables on the intruders.

“My stepfather shot one in the upper part of the leg,” said Amrita. “The other guy broke a bay window and jumped out. The wounded man tried to get out the window too, but his foot got stuck in the radiator.”

Ghulam grabbed him. The desperate brute – iden­tified later as Larry Smith, 24 – bit him on the arm.

But with the help of his stepson, who had raced into the bedroom, Ghulam subdued the intruder and held him in a headlock until police arrived.

To be safe, Ghulam threw the gun out the window and told his stepson to fetch a kitchen knife.

Police said the Khanlodhys – an Indian-American family – might have been deliberately targeted be­cause they have a large amount of gold jewelry.

Smith, who was hospitalized, was charged with robbery, burglary, gun possession and assault.

Ghulam had to get a tetanus shot for his bite wound, but his family was safe thanks to his bravery.

“He really DID save our family,” said Amrita. “I think they would have shot us all.”