CRAZED Connecticut school gunman ADAM LANZA lusted for country cutie TAYLOR SWIFT!

While the twisted 20-year-old killer ap­parently never intended to harm the bouncy blonde beauty, he was “totally smitten” with her, sources say.

“Adam was crazy about Taylor,” a Depart­ment of Justice insider close to the investigation of the Sandy Hook Ele­mentary School murder spree told The ENQUIRER.

“He’d watch her YouTube music vid­eos over and over again, and he read everything he could find about her on­line. Adam talked about Taylor in chat rooms, mentioning how beautiful he thought she was, especially her golden hair. And he loved the fact that Taylor titled her latest album ‘Red’ after his favorite color.”

The socially inept loner – who reportedly never had a date and never talked to girls – was also “over the moon” when he learned that, like him, Taylor was into video games, said the source.

“Adam discovered that Taylor had done a game called ‘Band Hero,’” said the source.

“He’d pretend to play along with her on the game, and he loved her three songs on it – ‘Love Story,’ ‘Picture To Burn’ and ‘You Belong With Me.’ They were soothing to him.”

There’s no in­dication Taylor, 23, knew about Adam’s sick fascination, sources say.

“She’d be ap­palled to know that Adam was obsessed with her,” said a music industry friend and asso­ciate. “It would make her sick!”

But for loners like Adam, developing a celebrity obses­sion is typical, said an expert. “Adam had trouble socializing with his peers, so he stalked Tay­lor in cyber-space, which was a safe venue for him,” prominent psy­chologist and stress expert Dr. Terry Lyles told The ENQUIRER.

“That way, he could control the relation­ship, but it could not control him.”