Published on: January 31, 2013
Photography by: Splash News Online

Amazing  imagery of woman who survived armed holdup despite having bullet lodged in her neck!

These remarkable X-ray photos show a Florida woman who incredibly survived an armed robbery despite having a bullet lodged in her neck. 
Evelin Matamoros was shot in the face by a man who stole her purse in Miami in front of her two young children. 
The 36-year-old was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where doctors took these shots. The shocking attack happened in broad daylight and the culprit blasted his victim, even though she gave over her handbag. 
Medics say the bullet entered on the left side of her face, underneath her eye, and then grazed her cheekbone, traveled through her mouth and shattered her lower jaw before landing in her neck. The bullet even flipped one of her teeth upside down as seen in the photos.
Despite the terrible injury, doctors were preparing to operate and said her prognosis was good.
 Police arrested Kamiah Lanier, 20, and charged him with attempted murder.