SHAMEFUL Melissa Courtney won’t be getting a Mother of the Year Award anytime soon.

She was caught on surveillance tape breaking into a post office – with her 18-year-old daughter, Katelyn, as her accomplice!

“You expect mothers and daughters to be taking part in fun activities together, maybe shopping or having lunch – not breaking into a post office,” said Sheriff Chuck Dills of Grant County, Ky. “There are a lot of times that family members are involved in crimes, but this was very unusual… especially because the daughter just turned 18.”

The July break-in at the Corinth, Ky., post office was the third in a row. Cameras were installed after the first two – and that’s when cops say mom Melissa, 35, and Katelyn were caught on tape.

Investigators say the motherand-daughter bandits were respon­sible for all three burglaries.

“We have confessions, and it appears that the mom was the mastermind,” said Sheriff Dills.

The video of the third burglary allegedly catches the mom and daughter duo red-handed.

“The daughter carries in a pry bar wrapped in electrical tape and hands it to her mother, who then tries to pry into the door,” said Dills.

“They had access to the post office lobby because it’s open 24-7. They gained access to the interior of the building by prying, or trying to pry, the sliding doors above the counter.

“In the first and second burglaries, they stole several pieces of mail and some packages that contained drugs that had been shipped from online sources to customers in the area.

“They hardly got any cash – and that’s what they wanted – because few people send cash through the mail anymore. Even birthday cards contain gift certificates or checks. In other words, these were half-baked plans that turned out to be serious because post offices are federal buildings and these crimes are all felonies.”

Instead of a senior portrait, Katelyn will have a mug shot as a reminder of her last year of high school.

“It’s just sad, especially for the daughter,” said Corinth resident Cindy Nolasco. “I mean, she has no future, she’s just a kid.

“You would think your kids would be going off to college – not the penitentiary.”

According to Sheriff Dills, each woman faces six felony charges – three for burglary and the others for theft of controlled substances and tampering with physical evidence.

“Melissa lives with her construction worker husband, her daughter and a young son right down the street from the post office,” Dills added. “In this job, you think you’ve seen it all – and then along comes something like this.”