REEVA STEENKAMP, the model who was gunned down by OSCAR PISTORIUS, met with her ex-lover just two days before she was slain.

In BBC Three doc “Oscar Pistorius…What Really Happened?" Steenkamp’s ex-lover of five years, Warren Lahoud, spills all the details on their clandestine meeting — claiming that despite the murder defendant repeatedly calling his girlfriend to check up on her whereabouts, she seemed in good spirits and assured Lahoud there were no problems in her new relationship.

The successful businessman, who runs his own South African vegetable exporting business based near Johannesburg, reveals in the TC expose that he had previously crossed paths with the Paralympian –  is nicknamed Blade Runner – and had never noticed anything off about his behavior.

“I’ve met him twice and there was never anything negative out of it at all. (It was) fine…no problem at all,” he says.

During their rendezvous, Lahoud says he asked Steenkamp if everything was fine at home after they were interrupted during their innocent coffee date.

“I mean he’s phoned twice already, every 20 minutes,” Lahoud says. “I asked her that question. She said ‘there’s nothing wrong.’”

South African police have said they want to study text messages on Steenkamp’s iPhone in the days leading up to her brutal murder – and it seems with good reason – as Lahoud tells the BBC that the former couple had exchanged numerous text messages in the days leading up to the fatal shooting reported.

“She contacted me and we met up for a quick coffee, and that was it,” he states. “It was just a hello, how are you, and that’s it, and I suppose that led up to meeting me.

 “She seemed fine. We didn’t really discuss personal relationships …She didn’t seem unhappy. She always told me that she wouldn’t be with anybody that she felt unhappy with, or she wouldn’t allow herself to be with somebody like that.

BUT If he had the chance to talk to Pistorius, what would Lahoud ask? “Why? Why did you do it? What happened?” he said.