Italian prosecutor lays down the law and says AMANDA KNOX should be extradited to serve jail timwe if found guilty of murder – again.

Knox should be mandated to serve her sentences, even if extradition is necessary, if convicted in the retrial in the 2007 murder of her college roommateMeredith Kercher, prosecutor Alessandro Crini told an Italian court Monday.

“Usually if someone is convicted of murder, they are already in custody,” Crini told AP, admitting the “situation is unusual.”

Knox, 26, has previously said she won’t return to to Italy for a retrial, in fears she’ll be “wrongly convicted” again.

Knox’s ex- BF Rafaelle Sollecito, 29,  also accused in Kercher’s killing, was present in court Monday, and said he will stay in Italy for the verdict.

After closing arguments and subsequent rebuttals wrapped up Monday, the court will deliberate; a verdict is expected in the case later this month.

Should Knox be found guilty, her lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said it could take more than a year for an extradition to be ordered, as the new verdict would have to be approved by Italy’s highest court, before the drastic step could be taken.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the Seattle native was convicted in 2009 in the murder in Perugia, Italy, getting a 26-year sentence until it was overturned two years later in 2011.