The so-called PLAIN JANE bank robber has been caught and is now behind bars, feds reveal.

Law enforement said the suspected "Plain Jane Bandit" believed to be responsible for six bank heists and two failed robberies in Southern California has been apprehended.

Sylvia Helen Garcia, 38, was collared near her apartment in Downey, Calif., Thursday by FBI officials after the law enforcement agency received tips from people who had seen surveillance tapes of the hold-ups, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"She was a little more brazen than the average bank robber. She was aggressive," FBI's Laura Eimiller told KABC-TV.

The "Plain Jane Bandit" hit eight banks in Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange counties during a three week period.

Her first known non-stick up stick up was July 12 in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

Garcia’s most recent attempt, the FBI charged,  went down in Cerritos, Calif., July 31, but she fled before tellers handed over any cash.

The suspect’s modus operandi  was all too similar, the FBI told media.

The robber, sans disguise or firearm passed a note to the teller demanding money and seemed to  indicate a more formidable accomplice was waiting outside.

"The suspect would demand cash, in some cases she would ask for specific amounts: $500, $800. She also passed a note, which was described by most of the victim tellers as illegible," The FBI said.