WITH emotions running high when Paula Deen’s empire began crumbling, the distraught general manager of her Savannah retail store went home and, say cops, beat up her boyfriend.

Kristina Noelle Hoppe was said to be angry and frustrated over Paula’s problems and allegedly got violent with her live-in lover Dennis Maher on June 29.

After police arrived at the scene, spoke to both of them and observed their injuries, Kristina, 33, was taken into cus­tody and charged with battery.

“Kristina adores Paula, so she flipped out when her idol began los­ing everything due to the racial slurs,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“She was crying and saying no one understands Paula, and they are going to ruin her life.”

The official report from the Sa­vannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department – obtained by The ENQUIRER – reveals the de­tails of the domestic altercation.

Officer Travis Poole states that Kristina and Dennis, 38, said they had both been drinking and were arguing over money.

Poole noted that Dennis said “it became physical when Kris­tina started to hit him with her hands. In defense, he grabbed her wrist to stop the assault.

“Dennis added that he pushed Kristina away and she threw a flower pot at him.”

The boyfriend-turned-target had scratches on his neck and face, and his shirt was ripped, according to the officer.

Kristina admitted to throwing the flower pot.

She later claimed her boyfriend had pushed her over a porch railing, but apparently police weren’t buying it since Dennis was not arrested.