Sing Like A Bird!

Stool Pigeon Parrot Testifies Against Owner’s Murderer

Wife caged for life after bird reveals hubby was gunned down!

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A potty-mouthed parrot sang like a canary and a psychic helped locate the murder weapon in a bizarre case that’s nailed a gambling-crazed wife with a life sentence for gunning down her husband!

49-year-old Glenna Duram was convicted after cops charged her with a botched murder-suicide that was witnessed by her husband’s profanity-loving pet parrot, Bud.

Authorities say Glenna shot hubby Marty Duram five times with a .22 caliber handgun — before turning the pistol on herself and sustaining a non-fatal head wound!

An investigation revealed the Michigan couple was deep in debt, with Glenna’s gambling habit costing them thousands. The pair faced foreclosure on their home — all details the crafty killer tried to hide from her unwitting husband.

After the murder, Fran Falan — a supposed psychic who was related to Marty — told cops to search under the home’s sofa, where they found the stashed murder weapon!

Although Fran testified on Glenna’s behalf, believing she was innocent, mounting evidence pointed to the widow, including a suicide note she’d penned. But it was African grey parrot Bud who sealed her fate.

African Greys are highly intelligent and known for their extraordinary ability to mimic voices. A TV news broadcast of Bud’s shocking eyewitness account drew international attention to the case!

After Marty’s death, his ex-wife, Christina Keller, was given custody of the chattering bird, who began to sing — imitating what appeared to be Glenna and Marty’s final fight! Bud’s babbling included the damning plea: “Don’t’ f—ing shoot!” — delivered in a chilling imitation of Marty’s voice!

Newaygo County Prosecutor Bob Springstead did not end up calling Bud as a witness in court, but the jury convicted Glenna and a judge sentenced her in late August. Now she’s a jailbird for life!