WAS missing woman SUSAN POWELL abducted by her “creepy” father-in-law STEVEN?

Although Steven Powell, 61, is not considered a person of interest and has not been named a suspect in her disappearance, that’s the outrageous question being raised by onlookers in the pretty Utah mom’s baffling disappearance, a case that has held America spellbound for two years.
Her devoted friend Kiirsi Hallewell has told cops that Steven, 61, the father of Susan’s husband Josh, was freakishly fascinated with his daughter-in-law – and Kiirsi theorizes about whether he may be responsible for making her vanish because of “a lot of things that aren’t public knowledge yet.

“One of those things was Steve’s obsession with Susan,” Kiirsi said in an interview.

“Steve’s actions are very suspicious. That’s why I said in the beginning I did not know if she was dead or was kidnapped.”

Police recently raided Steven’s home and arrested him on voyeurism and child pornography possession charges. They reportedly seized evidence suggesting Steven may have been fixated for over ten years on Susan, 28, who called him “the devil on earth.”

Attorney Anne Bremner, who represents Susan’s anguished parents, admitted she’s worried that Susan may be “held somewhere by Steve Powell because he wanted to share her with Josh.”

Susan’s husband, Josh,  became a ”person of interest” when he told law enforcement authorities a far-fetched tale about the pretty stockbroker’s disappearance from their West Valley City, Utah, home Dec. 7, 2009.

Josh, 35, claimed Susan was asleep when he took their young sons – Charlie, then 4, and Braden, 2 – on a spur-of-the-moment Sunday night camping trip in sub-freezing conditions of a snowy wilderness, even though he was due at his computer programming job the next day.

Refusing to reveal where he and the boys had camped in the freezing rain, Josh remains uncooperative, officers said.

Susan’s body has never been found. Lawmen focused their search on Topaz Mountain, near Delta, Utah, about 30 miles from where Josh said he’d gone camping. Police cadaver dogs kept hitting on a grave type spot where they found charred wood, which has been sent to a forensic lab for DNA analysis.

 Susan’s devastated parents Chuck and Judy Cox who have won custody of their grandsons from Josh – who they are publicly accusing of foul play.

“Whether our daughter is being held against her will somewhere or whether she is dead, we both believe the husband, Josh Powell, is directly responsible for her disappearance,” Chuck and Judy stated in explosive court papers.

Josh insists, “I did not kill my wife. I have never abused her.”

During the court hearing, it was revealed Josh was also probed in the child porn possession investigation.

On Sept. 22, Steven Powell was arrested on one count of possessing child porn and 14 felony voyeurism charges. Officials say he took photos of a neighbor’s naked young kids having baths and using the toilet. Cops say other twisted videos and images taken in public places reportedly focus on breasts and butts of girls as young as age 8.

And they found graphic shots of Steven’s private parts and of him engaged in a sordid sex act. Investigators claim the thousands of photos and videos also included many of Susan, who was unaware they were being taken.

Meanwhile, friends are now revealing for the first time that Susan was afraid to be left alone with her father-in-law.

Sources say she’d complained she’d caught Steven trying to watch her undress, kiss her and trying to put his hand up her skirt and shirt.

Steven’s daughter Jennifer Graves reveals Susan told her she had a “disturbing encounter” while alone in a car with Steven.

“My dad proposed to Susan that he and Josh ‘share’ her,” says Graves. “Susan was very upset.”

And Kiirsi said Susan once told her that Steven wanted to break up her marriage with

Josh because “he wants me for himself.”