Ex Homicide detective says the killer in the nation’s coldest case, The 1947 Black Dahlia murder, was his own father. 

Steve Hodel, a former LAPD homicide detective, believes the killer was his father George.

George Hodel was a prime suspect in the never-solved Black Dahlia murder; He was booked by Los Angeles cops in 1949 on charges of incest and child molestation.

Investigators believed that only someone with medical knowledge committed the gruesome torture of slaying of an aspiring actress.

Elizabeth Short aka “the Black Dahlia” was found cut in half with the deliberateness of a surgeon’s scalpel and drained of blood January 1947. Short’s halved body was then unceremoniously dumped in a park.

George Hodel was a doctor, his son says.

“What my father did was actually carve, surgically carve into Elizabeth Short’s hip a symbol, a very unique symbol with a crisscross.”

The Pasadena Star News reported that Hodel also says he found receipt for key evidence linking his father to the heinous murder — cement sacks believed to have been found at the crime scene.

Letters written by the killer to the police match his father’s distinct handwriting, Hodel claims.

“What if I DID kill the Black Dahlia, they can’t prove it now,’” Hodel reputedly told his son.