After six months in hiding, CASEY ANTHONY just won’t go away! All the DEETS about the exonerated murder mom’s latest video leak AND her secret lover!  

Casey, 25, reappeared last month when her video diaries began to leak online and now new details have emerged in a new two minute video reports.

"I'm starting to make some changes, some good changes for me, for myself," Casey says in the video time-stamped November 6, 2011.

"I'm starting to figure out the things that I like, that I want…"

At one point in the video Casey makes reference to someone she frequently spends time with, saying, "I spent an amazing weekend with (NAME EDITED OUT).

"It's good to be back…it's good to be home…it's good to be with my Smooch."

Casey, 25, can't help but express how happy she is with her life right now — noting that "it's about time!"

"I'm just really starting to feel good about a lot of things. It's about time," she says.

"I'm really starting to like the way things are going and where they're are going. I'm just happy. I'm really happy."

Naturally,  no mention of deceased daughter Caylee.