Grim discovery as a newlywed bride discovered stabbed to death in a bathtub mere days after getting wed. Police said the victim, Estrella Carrera, 26, was discovered 3:30pm Sunday in the Burbank area of Chicago.

Estrella’s blood spattered corpse was found after her sister panicked after not being able to contact her and asked Chicago Blue to conduct a look-see.

When police arrived at the third-floor home, Estrella was found slashed with multiple stab wounds in an empty tub.

According to the victim’s relatives, she worked a Spanish language translator for a welfare agency. 

The 26-year-old bride was last seen around 2am the day before, hours after her City Hall wedding the night before.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Estrella was to pick up her two children – a nine-year-old daughter and son, 2, from a family member on Saturday afternoon but never showed

The Cook County Clerk's office told media Estrella did not yet have a marriage certificate on file but had applied for a marriage license on May 2. 

She just moved to the area about two months ago, neighbors told Chicago news leader TV CW33, and is believed to have married a 30-year-old local man from Chicago who has not  yet been ID-ed.

Police are said to be scrounging through dumpsters and trash bins in the area for a murder weapon.