At first glance, the seaside resort of Cabot Cove seems idyllic—until you start to count bodies!

According to multiple reports, it IS the murder capital of the world – more dangerous than even the Honduras in Central America.


Mercifully, Cabot Cove is merely fictional – the winsome New England locale of popular TV series “Murder, She Wrote”.


Amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher, thesped by Angela Lansbury, had a total of 274 murders in the small town in Maine, despite having a population of only 3,500.


Those stats gives Cabot Cove an annual murder rate of 1,490 per million — more than 50 per cent higher than Honduras with its 910 per million.


In the last two years 1,000 women had been murdered in the country – and 90 percent of those killings weren’t’ investigated by law enforcement authorities.


Worse yet, Cabot Cove’s body count was even higher than that of El Salvador, a South American hellhole which recently celebrated its first day in three years when nobody was murdered.


But in Cabot Cove five people were murdered every year, according to BBC Radio 4's More or Less.


Good thing “Murder She Wrote” is in reruns or Cabot’s Cove’s death toll would be even HIGHER!