Published on: May 22, 2012
Photography by: Facebook

D’oh! Pretty dumb idea for Michael Baker to steal gas from the tank of a police car and then OUT himself on Facebook!

But it was even dumb­er for the 20-year-old thief to post a picture of himself on the Internet stealing the gas while making an obscene gesture.

Baker’s girlfriend snapped the photo in March. It shows the knucklehead flipping the bird as he siphoned off gasoline from a squad car’s tank in the city of Jenkins, Ky. Baker then posted it on his Facebook page, thinking it was a real hoot.

But the photo spread like wildfire in cyberspace and was eventually spotted by the folks in the Jenkins Police Department, who got the last laugh. Meanwhile, Baker didn’t think it was so funny when he was arrested on April 14 and charged with misdemeanor theft.

“I got a little bit of gas,” he admitted. “I ain’t gonna lie, but it wasn’t much.”

Baker spent the night in jail and will receive a fine that will certainly be a lot higher than a tank of gasoline would have cost him – even with to­day’s high prices!