Published on: April 18, 2013
Photography by: Pool

30 years after the heinous murders, a GAMBINO crime family boss was finally convicted by a Federal jury.

Bartolomeo (Bobby) Vernace, now 64, had previously beat a state murder rap in 1998 for killing Richard Godkin and John D’Agnese to avenge a drink accidentally spilled on the dress of Gambino mobster Frank Riccardi’s girlfriend in the Shamrock Bar on Jamaica Ave in Queens, New York.

Riccardi was tried separately in state court and acquitted.

A state indictment against the third alleged gunman, Ronald (Ronnie the Jew) Barlin, was dismissed in 1981.

Those key prosecutions were hindered by lack of cooperation from two key witnesses — Linda Gotti, the niece of the late Mafia boss John Gotti, and bartender Joseph Patrick Sullivan.

After 30 years, both were finally ready to tell the truth, and as The ENQUIRER reported previously Gotti’s daughter was never sworn in despite being called three times to the ready room.

 Sullivan took the stand, and his testimony about possible mob retribution sealed Vernace’s fate.