UPDATED 11:28 EDT: Ten people were shot Friday morning at the famed Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan during the midmorning rush hour.

The shooter killed his ex-boss Steven Ercolino of Hazan Imports and then opened fire on seven others near Empire State Building.The disgruntled former employee now id-ed as JEFFREY JOHNSON, 58, wore a grey suit as he sprayed bullets along 34th St. and Fifth Ave. by the iconic Midtown skyscraper.

NY MAYOR BLOOMBERG has confirmed that some of the passerbys were shot by New York police as they pursued the killer.

PREVIOUSLY: A young woman — an innocent victim — was killed when police  chased down Johnson and shot him dead.

One witness had told media that the gunman — possibly carrying a sawed-off shotgun — started firing randomly at tourists lined up in front of the iconic landmark around 9am EST Friday. He was evidently mistaken.

Some of the victims were found inside the lobby of the Empire State Building while some were found on the street.

One of the security guards at the Empire State Building — who was reportedly not armed — chased after the suspect up Fifth Avenue after the shooting began.

The FBI was among the massive law enforcement presence on the scene, but authorities quickly ruled out terrorism as a motive.