Published on: January 22, 2013
Photography by: handout

SANDY HOOK aftermath: Despite taking him to see a psychiatrist ADAM LANZA’s mother did NOT lock up her arsenal he then used to kill her -- and 26 others.

More than a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, in which 20 children and six women lost their lives, cops and feds are still trying to sort out the mysterious weeks prior to the slay spree.

A startling new theory is that Adam, 20, snapped after his mother, cocnened about his mental health status, took him to see a psychiatrist.

Nancy Lanza’s friend told the New York Daily News: “He was on some serious medications to help deal with his issues, but (she) never told me what they were or if he stopped taking them.

“They told me they think he had a psychotic break and were asking if Nancy mentioned anything about Adam not taking his medications.”

The family friend told the NY tab that Lanza’s weapons, which included the Glock 10-mm handgun, a Sig Sauer 9-mm handgun and a Bushmaster XM-15 assault rifle used in the school killings “weren’t under lock and key.”