Worst show & tell EVER as 7 year old allegedly brings grandmother’s heroin stash to school!

Pauline Bilinski-Munion, a 56-year-old grandmother  facing charges after her 7-year-old grandson  brought her heroin stash into his first grade classroom in Pennsylvania, cops say.

A Caln Elementary School teacher found nine bags of heroin stamped “Victoria Secret” in the boy’s pants pocket.

The boy admitted that he found the drugs on the floor by the washing machine in Bilinski-Munion’s home, UPI reported.

She reportedly lost the smack stash while she was babysitting the boy and a 1-year-old baby

Bilinski-Munion was arrested Sunday and committed to the Chester County Prison on $25,000 bail on charges of heroin possession and child endangerment.

“Heroin in an elementary school is a nightmare. Any exposure to heroin for a young child is likely to result in death. The defendant is lucky that she was not responsible for the death of her own grandson or somebody else’s child,” Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told CBS Philly.