Convicted killer JORAN van der SLOOT is desperate to get back home to all-access comforts of his old place of incarceration, Castro Castro prison where he enjoyed conjugal visits and he intends to make big payoffs to get his way.

Joran is currently serving 28 years in the maximum security Piedras Gordas facility for the May 2010 murder of student Stephany Flores, 21, but he is determined not to be there for long, according to an insider.

 “Joran has hired a new lawyer who is hoping to get him transferred back to Castro Castro by the end of February, but says it will cost at least $20,000 to get him moved,” a source told

Van der Sloot confessed to murdering the 21-year-old, whose body was found beaten and strangled in a Lima hotel room after the pair met during a poker tournament.

Reportedly, the Dutch thug went psycho after he discovered Flores looking on his laptop detailing van der Sloot as the prime suspect in the mysterious disappearance of an Alabama teen in Aruba 5 years to the date.

Joran now claims to have hired a new lawyer named Ayudin Humala, who is appealing to the Peruvian Supreme Court. Humala hopes to get him released within 15 years, a little over the half the time he is set to serve.

Humala allegedly saved Peruvian narcotics king pin Jorge Chavez Montoya from three life sentences for drug trafficking and charges of organized crime and homicide.

Joran hopes he can do the same for him as well.