JODI ARIAS ‘ description of events the night she killed TRAVIS ALEXANDER don’t make sense because the layout of the murder scene house in reality much different.

RadarOnline reports Tamara Mauro is extremely familiar with Alexander’s house and in fact often cleaned it for him when she needed extra money.

 While the Arias jury is relying on two dimensional floor plans and photos to try and understand where events happened, Mauro tells Radar that Jodi’s story is not plausible based on her knowledge of the space.

“It just doesn’t make sense!” Tamara Mauro said.  “Supposedly he lunged at her and she had time to do all this stuff like grab a gun from the closet.

 “Realistically, if she gets into the closet and he is over where the shower is it would be much more logical (for her) to run towards the door – which is away from him – rather than back towards him, and then go on the other side of him in order to shoot him in the direction that she says she did,” she explained.

Arias told the jury that she was taking photos of Alexander in the shower and dropped the camera. THAT caused him to fly into a rage and chase her, she claims. Arias said she then ran into his closet, stepped on a shelf to retrieve a gun she claims he kept there. At that point Alexander lunged at her causing the gun to discharge and shoot him in the face.

But Mauro doesn’t buy any of it, and says she knows the house so well that anyone would have run out the door not into the closet if they were being chased the way Arias claims she was.